Por Hadleigh Winter 18 abr, 2017

We found a very interesting article today about home offices.

Now in the UK over 3 million people work from home, to be honest I was a little blown away by that number.

After I had a think about the number of home offices we have designed in the last 12 months, I have seen a rise.

If you are thinking of making that move from your house to a full-blown home office in the garden, you should consider several key things.

1st:         Location – Do you want it near the house or not?

2nd:       Design – Do you want it to look like a summer house or a home office?

3rd:         All Year Round – If you are looking at working in it all year around think about insulation

4th:         Size – Have a thing about what you want in your office and make sure you have the room

5th:         Power and Ports – Boring and to be fair normally dealt with last, make sure you can get power and if needed LAN cables from your house

6th:         Windows – Make sure you have plenty, as from personnel experience more light is best.

7th:         Space Bedroom – Are you wanting to have a fold out bed in your office for guesses?

After you have thought about the things above, you should be in a good position to think about your new home office, I would also recommend getting a bespoke design team in to help, not to blow our own trumpet but give our team a call free on 08001707443 or drop us an email ( ).

One other thing to think about is, do not worry, over 3 million people are working from home office all over the UK and it is a great way of getting extra space and keep the cost down.

Por Hadleigh Winter 14 sep, 2016

We have not had time to write a new blog for a month or so as the team have been so busy working and designing buildings across the UK .

We wanted to cover a couple of things in this blog.

1st Timber to use?

2nd Time to order and design?

3rd What to have?

4th Why buy local?

1st:  You will see a lot of reviews and firms on line who offer timer from 16mm to 70mm log, the biggest thing to remember is speak to the firm, we are a specialist in the field and would normally recommend 16mm for a garden shed , summerhouse or log cabin , workshops etc. from 25mm or 40mm, if you decided that you wanted an outdoor kitchen or gazebo we would recommend anything from a soft wood to hard woods depending on what you wanted and the design.

The thing to remember is that you get what you pay for, I often see clients who have brought or looking at cheap £600 summerhouses from online auction sites, the thing to remember is that the timber maybe low end without any bespoke design work for your garden, the best advice is speak or visit a firm and get honest advice and a no obligation design, we do this as a standard for every customer.

2nd:  The best time to order is right now, for example we are offering a promotion which is 10% discount on any order placed before 31st October, that will save you hundreds of pounds.

You will use the summerhouse or log cabin all year, it gives you such a great extra space for the Autumn and winter, by ordering in the Autumn you will be able to enjoy it this year and have it ready for the summer.

3rd:  The best advice I can give anyone is speak to a firm like ours who are specialist in designing and building garden buildings , we look at your garden space and give you free advice for what will work or not work, it could be you have been thing of this lovely summerhouse or log cabin all year, the team may advice a corner house or a smaller summerhouse with a gazebo or by changing the design you are able to get a bigger summer house .

4th:  Think this is the most simple, by buying local you have the peace of mind you can speak to or call the firm if you have any questions, I would also recommend that if you are not local to the company drop them an email or call and see what the service is really like, I was once told by our customer service manager “you never really see what a company is like until it goes wrong” I think this is so true, so ask the question, “what is your warranty like”, “what does it cover”.

Por Hadleigh Winter 08 ago, 2016
I have been spending a lot of time this weekend designing new summer house and log cabins, as we are still able to get them designed and build for this summer.

Part of the design process is to keep an eye on garden design and landscape gardening as we do a lot of work for firms who contract use to finish the garden with a new outdoor building or summer house and even outdoor offices and BBQ.

When I was reading a couple of news feeds, I found this vert interesting blog (attached below), if shows the process from starting a garden and following it for two years.
Por Hadleigh Winter 19 may, 2016

We speak to a lot of clients across the UK from Cornwall to Scotland about timber buildings and are always keen on developing new designs.

With the rise of glamping and the rise of camping across the UK we have developed a number of new glamping pods or in other words camping pods.

 A lot of glamping campsite are always looking at new ways to make camping a little special, with adding power or even adding tree houses or river side tents.

 With the introduction of our camping pod to glamping sites the benefits are fantastic, the units are easy to move and to install due to the way the buildings are constructed from timber, also gives the benefit of being bespoke designed and made in the UK, with a fairly low purchase cost the margins are always good for camp sites, look over our site for pictures of the new designs.

Due to the bespoke design of the buildings they have the flexibility to be insulated or not, any colour and within reason any size and shape, also to have power if needed.

We have also seen an uplift in the general public buying camping pods, we have installed them in gardens for children's play houses, also done a number or garden storage and for a fun place for guest to stay.

Lots of clients who stay in the camping pods love the idea of camping but really want the luxury of staying in a hotel, glamping pods give such a unique camping experience and with the touch of luxury from installation to power it is like a home away from home, we have found a number of the client who install them on sites are getting excellent return bookings.

Por Hadleigh Winter 07 abr, 2016

I read a very interesting article over the last couple of days, the biggest thing I got from its was that a third of people when they buy a new house look at the garden as the biggest factor in deciding what to buy.

This does make some sense to the team and me,  we spend a lot of time designing summer houses and log cabins for people to boost the space in the garden, we also seen a lot more people wanting outdoor kitchens and even children play houses.

I think before you make the decision to invest time and money in improving your outdoor space, think about what your budget is and what you are willing to spend. So many times we do bespoke cabin designs and clients are blown away with the design and timber we are using, one client said to me last week (I have put * instead of the name of the company) “I went to ***  last week and looked at a cabin they had in the garden centre, I was surprised how thin the wood was and how much it moved side to side when I lent on it, reminded me of a cheap shed”, I was a little shocked by this, I know our cabins are almost twice the thickness of other mass produced products but was still surprised as the cost was very similar to ours.

I went to look at the said cabin in this store, and the client was right, it was thin and did remind me of a cheap shed.  I know I have said this many times before but before you make any decision on what to go for just make sure the firm you are using are UK based and designs are all bespoke and ideally us a local firm, a lot of our customer come from up to 20 miles of our show site near Paignton in South Devon .

Always try and speak to the designer or design team,  ask about what type of timber they are using, do they have photos you can look at, take a tape measure and measure the timber, a really good think to check in the windows are they single gazed or even plastic, as this does indicate the quality of the build.

When you do find a firm you like the work of be honest with them on what you would like to spend, as they may have lots of options for you from gazebos to log cabins and if you are not happy with the design tell them, they will be more than happy to make any changes.

Por Hadleigh Winter 28 mar, 2016

Why have you opened a new show site at Churston Farm Shop ?

We believe that because our designs are all bespoke and built in the UK a client needs to see the finished constructed product, so many people say “can't believe the quality”, “the design all makes sense when we see it”.

I would advice anyone who is looking at getting a new cabin or workshop to make sure the firm have a show site so you can see what you are getting for your money, you will also find a lot of low end products from garden centres or swimming pool firms who try to do cabins as an added service from an European factory or site, in our experience the quality and the service is never that good as a UK factory and design team.

When you look at the site we have a couple of things which will always show the quality of the build and will show if the firm is low end or top end, first look at the locks on the doors and windows, do they look and feel cheap, second look at the windows are they double glazed or a cheap single glaze.

Talk to the guys on the site, as if they have the skills and experience they will be able to offer advice and ideas on your design and do something which is totally bespoke, if the guys you see only have a list of standard sizes and shapes you will normally find this to be some type of Europe production and not UK based.

One thing I always find interesting when I speak to clients about other firms they have seen, is the amount of times they are almost pushed into optionally extras or having to use the companies own ground work team, I am a believer of offering the client the best service and product for the budget, and not just loading extras which are not needed and always make the design what the client wants and needs.

When you visit the show site never be worried about talking to the design team about your budget and ideas as the new building is all yours and you must be 100% happy with the design and the amount you have spent, when you see the drawings always ask questions and make sure you are 100% happy and if not let the team make as many changes as you need.









Por Hadleigh Winter 03 mar, 2016

We get asked a lot of questions about roof designs and the best options etc.

To be honest it is down to personnel preference and budget, most summerhouse and sheds come with a basic gable design, which is perfectly fine and look really nice and as a rule is a low cost option.

If you start to look at more complex designs like HIP’s etc the cost can increase depending on what you are looking for, in our experience this can increase the roof cost as much as 30% but not in all cases.

The thing to remember is speak to the design team as we would be more than happy to do a number of designs and quotes to make sure everything fits into your budget and what you want.

It is always worth explaining to the designer the location of your new building as this can affect the design and so affect the roof.

Some things to remember when you start looking at the roof design, always try and get a budget in mind and let the design team have that information as it make such a difference, always be a little worried if you speak to a firm and they try and push you into one type of roof design, you can listen to all the designers but the design and final product should be just what you want and not what a designer wanted.

Por Hadleigh Winter 07 feb, 2016

Why is it important to pick a local business?

We are a family run business with over 35 years in the industry , the person you speak to on your first enquire will likely be one of the team who will design or even build your new cabin or shed.

You find dealing with a local business who specialise in your local area is such an important factor to consider, we have the local knowledge of the area and the experience of what local customers need and like.

With a local firm you will have the confidence of them being able to do a site visit and to be able to do those little extras which a large national firm may not or be willing to do.

For example we are asked by our customers if we have a landscape gardener or a decking firm we can recommend and we have a number of people we would recommend.

We have seen some problems with customer who have decided to go for a non-local firm, one which I remember as it was only a short time ago, we had been installing a shed and summerhouse at a client’s house, before we had got involved in the construction they had ordered an Gazebo from a separate firm, the problem was when it arrived it can on a large lorry which would not fit down the lane to the house, this is just one example why using a local firm is very important.

We specialise in South West and have the understanding of the local area, with our complete team being based in South Devon, if you would like more help or advice let the team help .

Por Hadleigh Winter 11 ene, 2016

You will find when you start to look at buying a new shed, gazebo or cabin you need to consider a number of points to make sure you are getting the best firm to do the work.

A lot of firms will produce the shed or cabin off shore (made in Europe or even further away), which to be honest is not great for the customer, the firm has very little, or any contact with the production process and cannot really give any input to the design or production.

In a number cases the quality of the work is not great, you do need a bespoke design and not off the shelf product as every customer will need a slightly different design to fit all the needs.

When you look at getting a new shed or cabin or gazebo you need to make sure that the company you are going to can answer “YES” to all the questions below.

1st           Is the design bespoke?

2nd         Is it produced in the UK?

3rd           Is the insulation team employed by the firm?

4th           Does the firm have over 35 years’ experience?

5th           Does the firm do a free design meeting?

6th           Are your local to me?

 If they can’t answer YES to all the questions look for a new company.

You are always better to use a firm with is local to you or at least in the UK, as you will be able to trust the work and speak to them directly.

 We would always recommend completing the list below to get an idea of what you really need.

 1st           What space do I have?

2nd         What am I going to do with the space?

3rd           Does it need mains power?

4th           Does it need heating?

If you have time look over the internet for design ideas as this will give the design team an idea of what you like or do not like.

If you look over our website   you will be able to see we can answer YES to all the questions and have a number of designs on our site please look over our gallery (  ), we would always recommend getting as many firms to do designs to make sure you get what you really want.

Por Hadleigh Winter 03 ene, 2016
In the last couple of months a lot of people have been contacting the team with really big building projects which include extending to houses and large outdoor space.

Before you make the decision to spend thousands on new building projects, look at your outdoor space before you make your mind up.

You are able to add a great outdoor living space for such a small cost, you could add a wood burner or even a BBQ and gain all the space you need in your garden.

At Timber Buildings South West we have designed outdoor space, please contact the team for a totally FREE and no obligation chat to see what we can recommend, to save you money and gain the space you need.
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